Wine route

Enotourism in the Costa Dorada

The vineyard, renowned symbol of the Mediterranean culture, is one of the identity values of the Costa Dorada regions, owed to its extensive area of cultivation as well as to the uniqueness of its products. With five denomination of origin of wine, and a good part of their territories included in the denomination of origin of cava, the Wine Route of the Costa Dorada has a noted variety of vineyard landscapes. The centenary vineyards cultivated on the hillsides or on the terraces of Priorat and on the mountains of Monsant, form an austere landscape that fervently contrasts with the plains of the Camp of Terragona and of Penedès. The most rolling landscapes of the Tierra Alta and of part of the Conca de Barberà, diversify even more the variety of possible scenarios.


It is a Catalan southern region with an extension of 250 mi2. Its natural conditions, added to its history and traditions, make it into a privileged area for vine cultivation and for the manufacture of excellent wines and cavas.

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The lands that belong to this denomination of origin are formed by small mountains that rise from the sea to Montserrat, crossing by small valleys of different rivers. It is one of the Catalonia regions with more international impact, where 1,500,000 hl of wine are produced annually, and a good part of which are destined to the production of cava.

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It currently includes the area of Camp de Tarragona and a good part of Ribera d’Ebre. It is characterized by its diversity with a predominance of whites over blacks and pinks and an average production of 350,000 hl annually.

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This area is located in the region of Priorat, which includes twenty three municipalities, fourteen of which are part of this denomination of origin: La Bisbal de Falset, Cabacés, Capçanes, Cornudella de Montsant, La Figuera, Els Guiamets, Marçà, Margalef, El Masroig, Pradell de la Teixeta, La Torre de Fontaubella and Ulldemolins.

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The Priorat is craftworks and tradition. Old and robust vines that are born and grow in the inland regions, cultivated above steep edges and slaty terraces of limited fertility with a mild and dry weather. It is considered the Spanish vine-producing region with the smarter transformation that has known how to manage its wines towards a high quality search, which has been proven with the maximum quality award.

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