FREIXENET Visits with kids


At Freixenet we believe in family tourism. That’s why we’ve designed an oenological tourism activity so that visitors of all ages can immerse themselves in the magical world of bubbles.
Our visit starts with an audiovisual presentation specially created for the little ones. It uses comic characters, such as yeast types and the Freixenet kid, to explain in a simple way how cava is created, from the viticulture to the final product. After this, we go down into the cellars with one of our guides. Here you can tour the oldest part of the establishment on foot, where you’ll see the sala de barricas [barrel room], the different floors and the hewn-rock grotto where the bottles are tilted downward for typical rack storage. The pungent smell of the cellar will be a surprising sensory discovery for most children. Attention! Now the most exciting part begins for the kids: our miniature train will transport them into the modern section of our facilities. Getting off the train, you find yourself in the tasting hall, where the adults can sample a traditional glass of cava as well as having the chance to try the other products in our Freixenet range. Cava tasting is not permitted for persons aged under eighteen, so we offer young people a taste of grape juice instead.
Finally, in our shop, “Dolores Ferrer”, you can purchase items related to the world of wine and cava. The shop also includes a children’s section with all kinds of gifts and toys for the little ones in the family.