Excursion to Montserrat


Montserrat is a mountain that astonishes you the moment you see it, for it is so different from all others. Seen from the distance, looming up alone out of the landscape, it is bound to attract your attention. Depending on where you see it from, its silhouette is reminiscent of the toothed blade of a saw. And here you have the clue to its name, for the Catalan word Montserrat means “sawn mountain”.
But you will find this name even more felicitous as you approach the mountain and start climbing. The shape of the rocks might make you imagine that Montserrat had been carved, wrought or sawn by some prodigious hand. In fact the poet Verdaguer, one of the great epic writers in our literary history, envisaged the mountain as something sawn by the angels.
At all events, whether by angelic hands or natural forces, the saw above a design of stylized crags is the heraldic symbol of Montserrat.
Apart from the pastoral activities at the sanctuary, Montserrat offers a wide range of leisure, nature and cultural options. Visitors can combine the different activities according to their interests and available time.
For instance, if you are spending the day at Montserrat, you might visit the sanctuary to learn its history and discover its artistic heritage and then have a look around the Museum or choose one of the many walks around the mountain and through the forest… Obviously, you can always spend a few days here and see absolutely everything!