Beaches in Salou


PONIENTE BEACH (Platja Ponent)

Its fine golden sand make of this beach the favorite one of the residents of Salou. Is the second beach in length after Llevant beach, both of which are divided by the nautical port and joined, at the same time, by a perfectly developed seafront. With an area of 3,608 feet long and 98 feet wide, Platja Ponent has the certification of the Institute for the Spanish Tourist Quality (Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española, ICTE), thanks to its sports facilities, its likeable children’s area and the lifeguards services. Its visitors can enjoy of hammocks and beach umbrellas rental, bathrooms and showers, snack bars, and access to disabled people. The Ponent beach has a slightly inclined access to its clear and shallow waters and it is an ideal beach to practice water sports.

LEVANTE BEACH (Platja Llevant)

It is the largest and most visited beach of the province of Tarragona, with a length of 3,937 feet and a width of 459 feet at its maximum point. It is located at the heart of Salou and it is ideal for family holidays due to its wide green areas and areas for children. It is a modern destination that extends in parallel along the seafront of Jaume I. Moreover, it has a large variety of infrastructure that offers a delightful stay to its visitors, including: sports facilities, recreational areas for children, hammock, beach umbrellas and nautical equipment rentals, constant security and first aid staff. The accesses by car, by boat or on foot are perfectly signposted and it also has access for people with disabilities. Its fine and golden sand will captivate you, and its transparent and calm waters guarantee a incomparable destination of the Costa Dorada.

EL REGUEROT DEL CLAVEGUER BEACH (Platja El Reguerot del Claveguer)

This beautiful natural cove is away from the urban racket, at three miles from the sports port of Salou. Its access is limited to pedestrians and its reduced dimensions, 328 feet long and 114 feet wide, makes it an idyllic retreat. Since it is not a well-known beach it has a low occupancy, even during the summer. It is mainly made of rocks and loose stones, which makes it an ideal place to anchor boats in Tarragona. This cover does not have any type of service and has, in general, a moderate train of waves. There is a long-distance bus station at 0.6 miles from the beach.

LOS CAPELLANOS BEACH (Platja Els Capellans)

It is a pretty urbanized cove of Costa Dorada of 721 feet long and 229 feet wide, with buildings by the sand. In its opposite ends it has beautiful cliffs, residential buildings and a little park. Los Capellanes beach has clear and calm waters, typical Mediterraneans, and a recently opened seafront with all the services for its visitors. This beach is a must visit destination in Salou. Its facilities include permanent bathrooms, showers, hammock, deck chairs and umbrellas rental, bars, policemen and lifesaving appliances. There is access for people with disabilities and secure parking. This cozy bay in the shape of a half-moon has a small pine forest over the sand dunes, which allow the visitors to shelter from the summer winds.

LEANGUADETES BEACH (Platja Llenguadetes)

It is a small cove of the Costa Dorada, with triangular in shape, isolated and semiurban located between the Capellanes (Capellans) beach and the Larga (Llarga) beach. It is 196 feet long and 98 feet wide with access only for pedestrians. Its main charm is being surrounded by nature and green areas, which makes it a semi-rustic destination in Salou. The access results difficult for people with disabilities. It does not have hammock or umbrellas rental service. Playa Llenguadetes is small, with mild and calm waters, limited train of waves and shallow waters which does not allow to practice water sports. It has a snack bar by the beach, and a visually pleasant architecture made of wood and stone. Is has parking for the residential areas, therefore it is limited for the visitors.

LARGA BEACH (Platja Llarga)

Playa Larga is one of the natural beauties of Salou, with 1,968 feet long and 114 feet wide. Since it is a semi-rustic beach with medium-sized sand and rocks, surrounded by pines and natural areas, it is an excellent option for resting in the province of Tarragona. It has a recently opened seafront that connects it with the sports port located at 1.2 miles from the beach. Furthermore, it has nautical equipment, umbrellas and hammocks rental service. Its access is long and limited to pedestrians, and its calm waters facilitate the practice of anchoring. Among its facilities there are bathrooms and showers, lifesaving appliances and signposted security. The Portaventura Beach Club is located here.

PEÑA TALLADA BEACH (Platja Penya Tallada)

This small rustic cove of the Costa Dorada is 196 feet long and 65 feet wide at its maximum point. It is a beach surrounded by vegetation and rocks, its sand is thick and gold. Since it is not well-known among the visitors of Salou, it usually has low occupancy, even during the summer, which allows to rest away from the racket. The access to this natural beauty of Tarragona is complicated since it does not have signs to get to it and it does not have access for people with disabilities either. It is located next to the Punta Roja and at 1.2 miles from the sports port of Salou.

FUENTE BEACH (Platja Font)

It is a small and beautiful cove of soft sand in the province of Tarragona, that during the summer has high tourist occupancy. Playa Font takes its name from a natural fountain that existed years ago and it is located in a urban area. Its 196 feet long and 164 feet wide littoral has vegetation and it also have hammocks, umbrellas and boats rental service. The accesses for pedestrians and cars are signposted and it does not have entries adapted for people with disabilities. Its sand is gold and fine and it has a lifeguards staff. Its clear waters allow the visitors to enjoy of a good area for anchoring in Salou, Costa Dorada.

VIÑA BEACH (Platja Vinya, Cala Pinatell)

This Salou beach is small but with a lot of relaxation. It is also known as Pinatell cove and is located after the Fuente (Font) beach, at 1.2 miles from the town center. With 114 feet long and a 196 feet maximum wide, this semi urban beautiful beach has showers, parking area, deck chairs, hammocks and umbrellas rental service, and the visitors can practice all kinds of water sports, specially windsurf. During the summer, the Viña beach has high occupancy thanks to its Mediterranean weather and its calm and clear waters. Visitors can access following the signs for cars and pedestrians, but it does not have access for people with disabilities. It is surrounded by vegetation and an anchoring area, which makes this beach of gold and fine sand an excellent option.


This rustic beach of the Salou littoral in Tarragona is 262 feet long and 164 feet wide. Crancs beach is the most distant one from town and its landscape is formed by big rocks surrounded by pines. Since it is a more rustic beach that the other beaches of Salou, it usually has a medium occupancy, because even though it has a signposted access, visitors have to go down a inclined road to get to it. Thanks to its natural limits is one of the most attractive beaches and it has hammocks, umbrellas and nautical equipment rental services. Crancs beach has bathrooms and showers and it is located at 1.8 miles from the sports port. Like the majority of the Costa Dorada littoral, the seashore of its generally calm waters is slightly inclined, and is ideal for diving.

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