Beaches in Cambrils

DEL REGUERAL BEACH (Platja del Regueral)

This pretty beach is the longest of the Cambrils littoral in Tarragona and it is located next to the sports facilities of the Nautical Club (Club Náutico). It has a blue flag certification since it offers all the services to its visitors, which also makes it a very busy beach. Its beautiful seafront with tall palm trees along its 3,969 feet of approximate length makes it an incomparable tourist destination. It has umbrellas and nautical equipment rental and it is ideal for practicing water sports, such as windsurf among others. Its white and fine sand and is generally calm waters makes it one of the favorite beaches.

EL CAVET BEACH (Platja El Cavet)

It is a semi urban cove in Tarragona that has the most essential services for its visitors including an access for people with reduced mobility. Its coast has an approximate length of 1,935 feet and a width of 65 feet in its maximum point. It also has a well-known and visited seafront of Cambrils. It is made of loose stones, thick and brown sand and round stones. It has bathrooms, showers and umbrellas rental services, and a slightly inclined entry to a clear water sea that allow the visitors to swim serenely.

DEL ESQUIROL BEACH (Platja de l’Esquirol)

This semi urban beauty takes its name from an old telecommunications tower that is located in this place, 1.2 miles from the town of Cambrils. It is a Tarragona beach awarded with the blue flag certification for the variety of services that offers to its visitors. Its fine and golden sand and clear waters are suited for water sports like snorkeling, waterboard and anchoring. It is a beach with high occupancy and has beautiful sea sights, without forgetting the seafront with a bicycle trail. It has bars and restaurants, kayaks, catamarans and nautical equipment rentals, and it is located near Vilafortuny.

HORTA DE SANTA MARÍA BEACH (Platja de l’Horta de Santa María)

It is a small urban beach with fine and golden sand located in the province of Tarragona. With a length of approximately 1,181 feet, l’Horta de Santa Maria beach is located at the beginning of the Passeig Marítim of Ponent, in Cambrils. It has, like many other beaches of this town, the blue flag certification, emblem that is awarded for having all the services for its visitors. You can rent nautical equipment, umbrellas and hammocks, and it has signposted access for people with disabilities. In addition, it has lifeguard staff and local police that constantly go across its littoral. The serenity of the sea is usual and it is an ideal place for sailing.

DE LA LLOSA BEACH (Platja de la Llosa)

This natural paradise of Cambrils protected by seawalls, is characterized by an Roman archaeological site that dates from between the 1st century BC and the 6th Century AC. The ruins are located a few feet from the littoral of the Llosa beach, and even though is it not opened to the public they turn the landscape into a memorable place. Its coast of approximately 3,608 feet long and 65 feet of maximum wide, makes of this urban beach a suitable place in Tarragona to rest in family. During the summer, it has a high occupancy and it is a blue flag beach. The center of its littoral is made of loose stones and medium-sized sand, in its extremes the sand becomes fine and golden. You can access by boat, by car or on foot, and among its facilities it has access for people with disabilities. It has excellent services.

VILLAFORTUNA BEACH (Platja Vilafortuny)

It is one of the most valued beaches of Cambrils thanks to its wide range of services ready for its visitors: lodging, bars, restaurants, parking area and others. Like many of the beaches of the province of Tarragona, it has the blue flag certification, and its 5,741 feet of littoral length made of fine and golden sand makes it one of the favorite ones. It is ideal for people with disabilities, because, in addition to an specialized access, it has assistance staff and amphibious chairs rental that will improve your stay. It is located beside the Cap de Sant Pere beach and its incomparable seafront surrounded by pines connects it with the town of Salou. It is a pretty urban a family beach located at 1.8 miles from town.

CAP DE SANT PERE BEACH (Platja Cap de Sant Pere)

The Cap de Sant Pere beach is the first beach of Cambrils, it is located right after the seawall where the Ponent beach in Salou ends. It is surrounded by the seafront and ends in a pine forest, which gives it a natural charm. Its 1,935 feet of length, usually calm waters and the fine and golden Mediterranean sand make it a high occupancy destination. Among the services that offers it has hammocks and umbrellas rental, showers and bathrooms and a lifeguards staff. You may enter to this beach on foot, by car or by boat, and its accesses are perfectly signposted. It does not have access for people with disabilities.

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